Leaving Agathonisi and on to Ikaria

Agathonisi has been the perfect start to my holiday proper (overnighters on Samos don’t count!).  This beautiful little low key island has been the perfect place to unwind and it has enabled my mind and my body to fall into rhythm with the slower pace of Greece. What have I loved about this place?  The … Continue reading Leaving Agathonisi and on to Ikaria

Exploring Agathonisi

After a hectic few days transiting from the UK via Dusseldorf to Samos - now on Agathonisi it is nice to awake at my own pace with no 'must does' playing on my mind. The port village of St George is small.  Talking to a fellow guest at Mary's Rooms this morning she told me … Continue reading Exploring Agathonisi

Arrival on Samos and on to Agathonisi

I’ve just embarked upon this year’s solo Greek Island Hopping trip - or as my family are calling it Grandma Stephanie’s midlife crisis holiday.  It’s true – I will be 60 this year and my plan was to travel in September with my family and make a big family holiday of it.  Organising my family … Continue reading Arrival on Samos and on to Agathonisi