Arrival on Lipsi and Landing in Paradise!

I’m itching to get off the boat and see Lipsi, desperate to see if anything with familiarity from my last visit 19 years ago. On the deck, our luggage is all lined up ready for disembarkation. The crew really want as quick a turnaround as possible. As we spill out onto the quayside, my eyes swivel in every direction hoping that something will resonate. I immediately recognise the high retaining walls above which several hotels are located. Peter is keen to get to the hotel which is just on the other side of a small promontory. We drag our cases up a steep yet short road and as we reach the top, right in front of us is Lientou Beach. Just around the corner is the Aphrodite Hotel where we will be staying for 8 nights.

George our host is waiting for us in reception. He tells me that our agent on Rhodes who’d booked the room for me was worried that I’d missed the boat. Just as George finishes his sentence, Kim phones to see if I have arrived. He’s only just realised that there were 2 boats coming into Lipsi today. Nice to know someone is checking in on us!

George shows us to our accommodation, a spacious ground-floor studio with a view over to the beach. This is absolutely perfect. The studio has a small kitchen and a modern bathroom and bedroom which are spotlessly clean. The small terrace has a table and two chairs and plenty of space to dry washing – a priority for budget travellers but more importantly, a quiet place to sit with a glass of retsina in the evening!

I’m so happy to be here. I’ve had several clients stay here over the last few years and it was their positive feedback on both the island and the hotel that prompted me to return.

After unpacking, showering and changing we head out to eat. Although I’m tempted to run around trying to find familiar ground, I resist. We are here for 8 nights so there is plenty of time to re-ignite my memories of Lipsi. We take seats at Asprakis Ouzerie and pick several plates (described to us in person) that are washed down with a nice Barbagiani ouzo.

Having watched My Greek Oddysey’s episode on Lipsi for probably a 5th time, we decided to follow in the footsteps of Peter Maneas and head to the traditional bakery for a slice of Portokalopita. Thankfully there were a couple of slices left when we arrived. Excuse the blurriness of the photo – blame the ouzo!

This is the perfect end to our first day on Lipsi.

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