Back on Rhodes and the end of the Trip

I arrived back in Rhodes Old Town from Chalki last night and fly home tomorrow night. How on earth am I going to wrench myself away?

I’m staying at the Sylvia Hotel close to the port again – it wasn’t far to fall from the ferry to a bed!  For now I have one last day in Rhodes Old town.

It really is a day of just meandering around, retracing my steps from my previous 2 visits over the last few weeks.


Palace of the Grand Master and the Street of Knights

Mosque of Morad Reis

More Miscellaneous Rhodes and the Jewish Museum

7 weeks, 10 islands – 4 revisited, 6 new – 4 weeks solo, 3 with my motley crew!

This has been one of the best trips to the Greek islands I’ve had.  I think booking a one way ticket and being able to take my time is part of the reason.  I’ve always liked the idea of ‘slow travel’ as opposed to trying to cram everything in within a defined time span.  Of course I don’t have an endless pocket and there were budgetary constraints but I think I have managed to live quite frugally and still feel as though I was on holiday.

I had hoped to travel to Arki to mop up the last of the Dodecanese islands but the ferries and budget weren’t on my side.  Besides, I’d begun to miss my grandchildren and had a feeling that it was time to go home.  Flights are also becoming more limited – it’s early October and the cheapest flight I can find is a Ryanair at over £320 one way – I’d better take it before I get stuck here (though there are worse things in life!)

I’m already planning my next adventure so for now – Until the next trip!

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