Back to Rhodes Town, Farewell to my Compadres and off to Chalki!

We arrive in Rhodes Old Town mid morning.  I am still in a bit of a dilemma regarding my next steps.  My compadres have flights to Manchester and London this evening and I have a ferry that leaves at 3.00am in the morning.  As much as I like to think I still have the staying power and resilience that I did nearly 30 years ago, the thought of staying awake until the following day fills me with dread.  The other thing playing on my mind is that other parts of Greece have been hit by bad storms – Storm Medicane over the last few days and the forecast says it is heading this way.  I can sail in choppy water as I don’t get sea sick but I’m not sure that I’m willing to put myself on board a ship knowing it could be sailing into a storm.

Whilst I still Hum and Hah about what to do, we park up the car and head off to the old town.  We had pretty much exhausted the old town last time so everything is done at a slow pace.  We do go back to our favourite taverna Nimos for baklava and rivani with ice cream!

This had done the trick.  I make the decision to book a hotel close to the port where I can keep my eye on the weather and at least get a few hours sleep before catching the ferry – ‘if’ I catch the ferry!

I book Hotel Sylvia which is a really good budget hotel within walking distance to the port.  The single room is basic but it is perfect for a couple of hours of shut eye.

Before I know it, it is time to say farewell to my husband, sister and brother in law.  They head off to the airport and I chill out in the hotel foyer for a couple of hours, downloading photographs and catching up on emails.

Later that evening I take a walk to the port to see if any of the ticket offices are open.  None are, but I’m met with a really peculiar sight.  Actually before I can see what it actually is, I can hear club music pumping out and the revving of car engines.

Next to the Blue Star 1 is a display of vintage and sports cars.  Interesting!

Although the ticket office isn’t open, I can see that there is no sign of a storm whatsoever.  I had been on tenterhooks waiting to see if Medicane was going to work its way over to Rhodes but thankfully it bypassed us. I can’t believe how lucky I have been with the weather on this trip especially when I see all the devastation that has been wreaked across other parts of Greece.  On the way back from the port I find a little taverna for something to eat.  Back at the hotel I request a wake up call for 1.45am.

Before I know it I’m at the port queuing for my ticket.  My old friend the Prevelis arrives on time.

It was a perfectly calm sailing across to Chalki. Once on board I booked my accommodation– the cheapest I could find.  This was a bit of a gamble as I know that accommodation on Chalki is limited.  I book the Atlantis apartments which are located in the main and only settlement of the island and looked good value.

I wait in anticipation to see what adventures this new island brings!


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