Final Reflections and Farewell to Tilos

Retracing my steps on Tilos of 17 year ago has been long enough for me to see the island through fresh eyes yet short enough to evoke memories of my first trip.  It is one of the very few island that I have re-visited after many years that has actually changed significantly – on first sight of the port anyway.  The harbour development and the repositioning or removal of the road that ran along the back of the beach is a vast improvement and probably why the place is now very popular with the Brits.

Tilos has so much to offer an being such a short trip from Rhodes makes it an ideal place to unwind and relax.  The best discovery I made was the fabulous Trata Taverna and Restaurant.  Quite honestly some of the best Greek food I have ever tasted.  Elizabeth and Elias are excellent hosts and this will be my number one recommendation for anyone visiting Tilos for the very first time.

The bus service is very good – apart from the day the bus broke down – but generally you are able to get around the island very well by using public transport and for someone like me who is too fearful to drive in Greece that is a real bonus.

After our initial hiccup over the rooms when we arrived at Seva’s Studios, we really enjoyed our stay.  This is probably one of the cheapest places you can stay on Tilos and it fits very nicely with us as budget travellers.  After a while I began to see the trek up the hill to Seva’s Studios as good exercise rather than a chore and Seva herself was a good host.  They have a little cash and carry next to the studios which is also handy especially for heavy things such as water.  Our studio had a washing machine which was a massive bonus – especially as I’d been hand washing all of my clothes for the previous 5 weeks.

Lastly, my lasting memory of this trip is going to be of Dimitris – the very eccentric character that I had met on my first visit to Tilos.  I was so sad to hear of his passing but I have nothing but fond memories of our interesting, albeit brief encounter.  May you rest in peace.


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