First Impressions of Kasos

My host for the rest of the week had arranged to meet me at 9.30am.  I hadn’t unpacked anything but had managed to pull some clean clothes to wear from the top of my suitcase until I’d got settled in the other house.  Unbeknown to me my host had other plans.  After thanking and paying my other host for the night, my luggage was loaded into the back of a truck and we drove down to Fri to my host’s second home.  Apparently we were picking up his other guests and driving to Helatros Bay.  This was actually great because Helatros Bay is at the South Western tip of the island and only accessible by car so I jumped at the opportunity to see this beautiful beach – although not prepared or dressed for swimming!

As we drove out it was absolutely fascinating to see how the landscape changed to a barren, dry, almost lunar landscape. And terracing – I don’t think I have ever seen so much of it in one place!  Before we arrive at Helatros Bay, we visit Agios Giogios Monastery which was deserted but open.

Helatros beach is beautiful, set in a small bay with a tiny Kantina to serve visitors and plenty of free sunbeds and kabanas on a near deserted beach.

Later that afternoon I was driven to my accommodation – another traditional Kasiot house but built in a different style to the first.  From the alleyway, you enter through a door into small enclosed courtyard that is decorated with a beautiful hohlakia pebble mosaic floor.

Entering the house there are two single beds on the ground floor and a wooden ladder type staircase that leads up to another bedroom.  I’m later to discover that it is called a ‘mousandra’.  My host tells me that the house is exactly how his mother had left it.  From the mousandra, a wooden door leads out onto a terrace that overlooks the courtyard.  The kitchen is basic as is the bathroom but it suits my needs entirely.  There isn’t any wifi – but this I can manage.  I’m really looking forward to my stay in this beautifully authentic house.

That evening the Prevelis called in to pick up most of the remaining visitors on the island.  I think I’m in heaven! I don’t know what I imagined Kasos to be but it far exceeds by expectations – one of the closest places I’ve visited that is barely touched by mass tourism. It seems popular with the Italians and the French but shhhhh – let’s keep this place a secret!  I am here for 8 nights and am so excited for the rest of this trip!

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