Plaka Beach and a Sunset Piano Recital in the Kastro

What’s wrong with me – this our second beach day in a row!  Today we decide to go to Plaka – lets see if it’s the same as I remember it from 20 odd years ago!

The bus takes us past the airport which is surrounded by salt flats.  Not sure I fancy landing on that runway!

We get off at Plaka but decide to walk further along the coast, passing the high sand dunes that screen off the nudist beach.

After a nice day doing nothing we catch the bus back to the port and have a wander around the streets in the chora.

This evening we have a delicious meal in Apostilles.  Greek salad, roast lamband lamb ragout  with a nice white wine finished off with some delicious psimeni raki.  A bouzouki player adds extra atmosphere.
This evening Marco has ordered us some tickets for the piano concern in the Kastro with Viktorya Belskaya.  We are able to get the front row seats for the price of 15 euros each.
This is an amazing location for the concert – a low wall lined with basil plants overlooks the portara and the evening sky.
The concert is introduced by a handsome moustachioed gentleman who starts by rustling the basil plants sending wafts of scent across the room.  The wind has picked up, and he tells us that the god of the winds either angry or drunk.  He tells us that in the intermission there will be complimentary drinks and we are not restricted to one drink and that if anyone is driving not to worry – he is a very good friend of the police!
The concert is wonderful.  Victorya is a very talented pianist and composer and set against the backdrop of the Kastro makes it extra special.  A truly memorable evening.

What are your thoughts?

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