Serifos – Last Day and on to Sifnos

Our last breakfast at the Serifos Palace is again fantastic.  I will say this has been some of the best breakfasts we have ever had in the Greek islands.  There is a nice big round flat cheese pie each, cake, bread and jam and cheese and ham – brilliant!

Being the only people staying in the hotel has also been wonderful!  Apart from the howling wind it has been really peaceful.

We speak to Matoula again to confirm that we will be picked up at 7pm for the ferry and she seems to understand and confirms.  We pay for the room but she doesn’t have change but indicates we will get this later.

Our last day is going to be another lazy day on the beach.  As with our previous visit the wind is really strong down on the beach but we find a little cove to take shelter in.

We had a lovely lunch at Alexandros Vassilias. Vassilia suggested we had tzatziki “very nice very fresh”,  and potatoes cooked in the oven. We also have a Greek salad and fried cheese and beer. To finish the meal we are presented with preserved prunes (spoon fruit or Glyka Koutaliou) in syrup on Greek yoghurt – delicious!  Vassilia so nice and friendly.

Went back and showered and packed.  At 7.10 there is no sign of Matoula to take us to the port so we phone her at the restaurant.  We have difficulty communicating with her so we decide to call in at the restaurant on the way to the port.  We hear the horn of the high speed ferry which is scheduled only a short time before our ferry.

We lug our cases over the bluff.  Peter goes into the restaurant and collects our 40 euros change from payment for the room and we walk to the port. I don’t want to think that she intended to keep the 40€ but not turning up to take us to the port when we’d agreed it is a bit of a poor show.

The Agios Giorgios is half an hour late but it’s not a problem.  The sun is setting and the ferry is quite busy.

Farewell Serifos!

We’re really looking forward to visiting Sifnos.  We had asked for recommendation for accommodation on Matt Barrett’s Greek Island Travel Guide (Facebook Group) and someone had suggested Pension Morfeus.  We couldn’t find them on any of the booking websites so phoned them directly.  We were told that Kostas would meet us off the ferry.

Kostas did meet us at the port and he drives us a very short journey to Pension Morfeus.  The place more than exceeded our expectations..  We are offered juice and biscuits and also whisky or coffee by his wife Maria – we accept the juice and the biscuits. I’m really looking forward to exploring this island – the island of clay!

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