Further Explorations on Poros

We are up early today and have decided to walk to Faros which sits on the Western tip of Poros.  It’s a really nice walk – the spring temperatures are just perfect in the morning.  We grab some pastries for breakfast and head off along the coastal road.

We pass both Love Bay and Russian Bay.  They are both deserted but I imagine they are quite popular during high season.  The views across to the mainland are lovely with lots of little islets dotted about the sea.  The mainland of the Peloponnese is so close you can almost touch it.

Somehow we miss the path down to the lighthouse and find ourselves on a path above it.  The path is just a dirt track but the ground is easy to walk on with sporadic shade from olive trees.  As we turn back on ourselves we see the signpost down to the lighthouse – I’m not sure how we missed it first time around.  Anyway, we have other places to visit so we make do of our birds eye view of the lighthouse instead!

Once back at the town we decide to catch a taxi up to the monastery. I remember on my previous visit many years ago walking up to the monastery and then onto the Temple of Poseidon but my little legs just won’t make it after our long walk to Faros – so a taxi it is!

The taxi drops us in the car park just by the small church of Saint Anargiri and then it is a short walk to the Monastery of the Life Giving Spring!  After checking the clothing regulations we walk up to the monastery which is still adorned with Easter decorations.

When we have finished our visit we do walk back down – it’s very easy walking downhill and we’re able to take in the birds eye view of Monastiri Beach below.


The following morning we head to the port to buy our tickets for our onward journey to Aegina.  We say hello to the mermaid as we pass.  The small ferry the Nikolakis sails into the port and behind it, Kimoneni the sleeping lady of the mountain comes to life under the rays of the sun.

The following day we take another walk – this time up to the old windmill that sits above the town.  We start by taking an alleyway through the shops from the main street and then we find a staircase to climb – and climb – and climb!

Once at the top – although the windmill itself is just a shell, the views are wonderful and definitely worth the climb.

On our way down we spot a restaurant that we like the look of so book a table for later that evening.

By the time we come to eat it has turned a bit windy and a little chilly.  It had rained earlier and we headed up to the taverna a rainbow appeared in the distance.  Despite the weather we ask for a table outside the Garden Taverna.  The taverna is just below a church and when the bells chime it makes braving the weather all the more satisfactory.  This really is an atmospheric little quarter of the town.

Our time on Poros is nearly at an end.  Before we leave I meet up with artist and author Pamela Jane Rogers who I met 24 year ago almost to do the day during my first visit to the island.  (See blog post Poros and the Octopus Man in Blast from the Past).  Pamela was as beautiful and as glamorous as I remember her and it proves that she really must have found her perfect piece of heaven on Poros.

I’m pretty sure I will be back here soon!

As we prepare to leave, the clouds in the sky appear to drape a blanket over the sleeping Kimoneni

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