Last Day on Amorgos and on to Santorini

NB – This is part of a trip that I started writing up in 2015 and am now desperately trying to complete. 🙂

This morning we throw everything into our suitcases ready to leave Amorgos.  What an exceptional stay it has been.

We go to the shop close by for bottles of water.   It’s one of those eclectic shops that sells everything that you could possibly want.

As we leave the shop we see and hear the fish seller as he blows his conch shell alerting everyone of his presence.

We have several hours before our ferry departs to Santorini so our first stop is breakfast at Jazzmin located in the heart of Chora.

Next we want to visit the Amorgos Archaeological Collection housed in an old Venetian mansion called Gavros Tower. We have passed this builing almost every day but never at a time when it is open. All of the artefacts housed here have been excavated from Amorgos.

Time for one last stroll around Chora before catching the bus down to the port. I will really miss this beautiful little village.

Down at the port of Katapola the Seajet 2 arrives to take us to our next destination. This is a seated journey so there is no opportunity to take my ‘farewell’ photograph as we depart. It’s not that I don’t like the high speed boats but I’d rather travel on the larger traditional ferries such s the Blue Star’s. I love being on an outside deck – whatever the weather.

So Amorgos didn’t end up being much of a stroll down memory lane which is definitely a good thing. It was like seeing this island through fresh eyes and one that I would definitely like to return to again some time. Now – back to Santorini for the final 2 days of our trip!

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