Farewell Sifnos – Back to Athens

We woke up early to finish packing.  Pension Morfeus has been a fabulous place to stay both location wise, hospitality wise and definitely has the best ever bathroom for a pension.  We give Pension Morfeus 5 Stars!

Maria comes to say goodbye to us and she gives us a gift.  It is wrapped in tissue paper.  When we open it later we discover a prettily decorated piece of Sifnian pottery – we are absolutely delighted with it and touched at the thought!

We have a bit of time before we need to go to the ferry so we do a bit of last minute shopping in the pottery shops and then go for breakfast on the beach.

It is time to go.  Amongst the small group of travellers leaving Sifnos is the elderly Greek man who gives a friendly greeting.  Through gesticulation and the odd word it transpires that he is from Athens and had been visiting the mining museum in Milos.  This was my opportunity to say how wonderful Milos was further to our conversation the other day.

The sea is still choppy.

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The Adamantios Korais arrives and we hoik our luggage up the ramp alongside lorries and cars.
Farewell Sifnos!

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The sea is a bit rough but once we pass Serifos it calms down and we have a nice relaxing journey watching the views of passing islands from the deck of the ship.

It is easy to tell when we are approaching Athens – the densely populated towns and villages spew down towards the sea. Here we are at the port of Piraeus.  It seems such a long time since we left from Lavrio.
Once we leave the port we walk to the metro station where we catch the metro to Monistiraki. All we know is that the Arion Hotel is behind the Attalos Hotel somewhere but we lose our way down the backstreets and it takes ages to find it.  Eventually we arrive.  We have just one night in Athens before catching our flight back home tomorrow.
We’ve missed the sunset but we have great views of the Acropolis from the roof terrace (an absolute must when in Athens!)
We head out into the warm evening to find somewhere nice to eat.  So much choice but so little time.
We stumble across a place called Veranda on the edge of Monistiraki and Plaka, right below the Acropolis.  It is quite late (especially out of season) and places are beginning to close so we decide to eat here.  The food is great!

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