Travels with my Grandchildren – Thank You!

It had been a dream of mine to take my grandchildren to Greece. This trip was originally planned as a birthday present for Ebonee as she turned 16 and subsequently cancelled due to Covid. This was actually fortuitous in the fact that during the pandemic Macy also turned 16 – the perfect age for going off on an adventure.

I felt that there was this tiny little window of opportunity before Ebonee went off to university and also before the others get too old to want to go on holiday with Grandma! So the plan was made and the holiday was had with three of my darling GA’s (grandadults).

I know that they really enjoyed this holiday and after a couple of really tough years for the family it was the least that I could do. I’d hoped that they would fall in love with Greece as much as I have and maybe even catch the bug for island hopping. Maybe I’ve planted a seed and there is still time for it to germinate. Time will tell.

More than anything, I wanted to show them how easy it is to travel. By travel I mean experience something outside of a pre-built package holiday for the masses. To be able to move from place to place experiencing everything that each destination has to offer. Not easy to do in two weeks but again – just a flavour of what’s possible.

I know that it’s difficult to separate teenagers from their phone’s and their social media circle – lord alone knows I spend my own fair share of time on various devices. However, my message to my GA’s is sometimes – just sometimes, put the phone down and look at where you are. Whether it be a sunrise or a sunset. A beautiful beach or a magnificent landscape. Put the phones down for one moment and feel it. Experience it. File it in your memory to bring back out again another day. My main message however, is to always be curious. Have the desire to learn about cultures other than your own. Meet people from outside of your existing friendship circles and revel in the exchange of interests, ideas and beliefs. The world is big and exciting and full of adventures to be had. Go out and have them.

Travelling with you has been a real joy. You have made me laugh and you have made me mad. Thank you my beautiful, crazy, funny GA’s. I’ve loved this holiday and I hope you did too!

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  1. It looks like you had a great time and I’m sure the GA’s will want another trip to Greece soon – who wouldn’t ??

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