Leaving the Islands for Athens

This morning we will catch the first bus from Pollonia to Adamas where we will catch the Speedrunner 3 to Athens.

The packing is done and we take five minutes to have a cup of tea on the balcony.  If you want peace and tranquillity then I really recommend Pollonia and I definitely recommend Pergola as a place to stay.


I haven’t as yet mentioned the shop and Café next door to Pergola and owned by Stella the owner of Pergola.  This shop is so special it deserved a section all of its own.

Before we catch the bus back to Adamas we go to the Pergola shop to buy some handmade honey products.  Stella the owner greets us and calls to Sami from the back.  Sami talks Peter through the range of products in Arabic- occasionally confirming information with Stella in Greek and then Peter translates back to me in English. There is an amazing range of products – many different types of honey, pollen, candles, flavoured olive oil, fruit preserves and sesame seed bars.  The honey comes from hives up in the hills behind Adamas.

On the back wall of the shop is a glass fronted wooden box with a live beehive on display.  They enter through a narrow pipe on the outside wall.

At the front of the shop is an amazing display of freshly baked pastries which makes us decide to have breakfast in the Pergola garden before we leave.

We say goodbye to Sami – he will be returning to Egypt next year to get married.

Back in Adamas we wait to board the Speedrunner 3.  If I to come back to Milos in the future I would choose to stay in Pollonia or maybe event Plaka. Even if you are reliant on the bus service to get around the island as we were, it is worth forgoing the more regular service in Adamas for a better location.  Milos is a large island with stunning landscapes and fantastic beaches and to take advantage of this it would definitely be worth hiring a car.

Through the salt encrusted windows we sail slowly to the west of Milos – past the huge sharks fin rock jutting out of the water and past Klima the brightly painted fishing village that we didn’t get to visit this time.  Above that we know that the catacombs lay hidden from view nestled deep in the hillside.  Farewell Milos!

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