Back to Rhodes and a Stay at Pefkos

It is a very early start to catch the Blue star back to Rhodes.  We reluctantly leave our little windmill before 5.00am to get our pre booked taxi down to the port.

A small group of Brits are already there.  A kind gentleman brings us over two plastic chairs and tells us to make ourselves comfortable!

The Blue Star arrives on time and whisks us away back to Rhodes.

Farewell Symi – we’ve loved our stay with you!

Daylight breaks as we arrive at the main port on Rhodes.  From here we walk along to a car hire place that we’d seen a few weeks previously.  We manage to cram in all our luggage and head off along the coastal road to Pefkos.

Why Pefkos you may ask – I’d never even heard of it before.  A lovely friend of mine is currently working for Olympic travel as a rep and is based in Pefkos.  I’d been trying to catch up with her on one of her Greek locations for several years and now we’ve finally been able to co-ordinate ourselves.  We have booked a few nights in the Eagles Nest and arrive just as breakfast is being served.  The rooms aren’t ready but the receptionist tells us that we are more than welcome to have a complimentary breakfast which is exactly what we need!

First impressions of the Eagles Nest are very positive.  All of the staff are very friendly and the location of the hotel is great.  Our room has a balcony with a side sea view and there are additional public terraces on various levels of the hotel.  Ooh and it also has a nice little pool.

Later that evening we meet up with our friend Julie in Pefkos and head off to the village of Lardos to eat.  As the local tour rep she knows exactly where to eat and recommends Valentina’s restaurant.  Good call Julie.  This restaurant is superb!  Here they cook traditional Greek food with a modern twist.  Their stuff plums wrapped in bacon are to die for!

What a great introduction to Lardos.

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