The Bookseller, the Baker and the Pasta Maker!

Before I embarked on this trip, a friend of mind Carol shared a Youtube video that had been produced by the Greek Reporter about Areopolis.  With thanks to her, I felt it only fair that I should pay homage to the places featured in the video and so I set about on a mission to visit as many of the places featured as possible.  You can see the video here.

Greek Reporter in Areopolis

The first place we seek out is the traditional bakery To Psomi Tis Milias – the Bakery of Ms Milia who ran the bakery for many years before her recent passing.  Her son has now taken over the running of it and can be seen driving his van around the town making deliveries.   They still use the wood burning oven today. It has a fantastic selection of breads and pastries which we purchase including a large bag of Dakos to take home with us.

The statue of Petros Mavromichalis we have already discovered, but just off that square is the the Mani bookshop and publishing house run by George – or as I came to speak of him as Gorgeous George after seeing the video!

This is a really unique bookshop that seems to have been frozen in time, and yet the locals come here to collect their daily newspapers and seems to be a place to come and chat with fellow neighbours.  George is charming if not a little shy but we purchase a book on the Mani to take away with us.

The next destination that we visit is the restaurant To Mavromichaliko the former home of one of the Mavromichalis brothers.  This 200 hundred year old building is gorgeous.  Again like some of the other restaurants, they make their own pasta which can be selected from the shelves in the restaurant to be cooked as part of your meal.  Of course we have to try at least one of the things on the menu from the video and we opt for the very unusual salad made with oranges, potatoes, onions, spicy cheese, olives and fried eggs – and it is gorgeous!  I also have pork cooked with currants and Peter has the beef cooked in tomatoes with the home made pasta – all washed down with organic white wine!

We also check out Cliba 8 where we stop off for a pre dinner cocktail!

Mission Accomplished!

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  1. I have been to that book shop, was bitten by horrid mosquito at the back of the store. Didn’t like Areopolis. Overrated and the food we had at the square wasn’t great. Maybe if it had a beach it’d be more likeable …

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Anna. I absolutely loved Areopolis and had only positive experiences there. Within walking distance there is the lovely beach at Itilo. Safe travels in the future. ❤

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