Seven Weeks, Four Islands and Thirteen Beds!

When I first planned this trip, I had no real idea what kind of a trip it would be – how does anyone know beforehand how a trip will turn out. As it happened, this was probably the best trip that I’ve done to date! I had kept things quite ‘loose’ because travelling out of season comes with a certain amount of ‘unknown’. Finding accommodation on Oinousses and Psara was a bit of a challenge so these were boxed off before departure. Everything was pretty much made up as I went along and it all worked out really well.

I’ve had longer holidays like this before even up to 8 weeks. This gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility to add things in on a whim – but this wasn’t the overriding factor of why I loved this holiday so much. Even by the time I’d arrived back in Athens, my visit to Oinousses and Psara seemed like a distant memory (though definitely stole a piece of my heart).

I pride myself on being a budget traveller and also that I manage to get around by using public transport. Greece is very car-centric but it isn’t necessary to hire a car everywhere. I have a lot of admiration for the Greek bus service and at times you can also be guaranteed an adventure or two! Although I’m a budget traveller at times, as on this trip I have pushed the boat out and stayed at places a bit more luxurious than I normally would. I thought it may be useful to share the costings or the trip to give an indication of what is possible.

I didn’t take detailed accounts of how much I spent on meals, bus fares and taxi fares however, anaverage an evening meal would cost me between 18€ – 30€. This would generally be a Greek salad and another starter, a main meal and wine (always accompanied by wine!). And there was often plenty left over!

I hope that this helps.

DateTransitAccommodationCost £/€
Sunday 18 September 2022Fly Manchester to Athens with Easyjet
Departing 1605 – Arriving 2155
Includes 23k checked luggage and pre booked seat. 
1 night at airport hotel – Apartments Tina.  Includes breakfast and free transfers to and from airport90€
Monday 19 September 2022Fly Athens to Chios with Olympic
Departing 1100 – Arriving 1150
Flexi Plus – 23k luggage and pre booked seat
1 night Chios – City Zen Rooms. Room only39€
Tuesday 20 September 2022Ferry from Chios to Oinousses. Oinoussai iii Departing 1200 – Arriving 1250I can’t remember the cost but less tham 10€
8 nights at Oinousses Studios.  Studio. Breakfast items provided in the apartment520€
Wednesday 28 September 2022Ferry from Oinousses to Psara. Psara Glory9.50€
6 nights at Diana’s Studios on a room only basis240€
Tuesday 4 October 2022Ferry from Psara to Chios. Psara GloryI can’t remember the cost but less tham 10€
4 nights at the Aegean Sea Rooms, Chios Town. Room only basis160€
Saturday 8 October 20223 nights at The Pounti, Pyrgi on a room only basis165€
Tuesday 11 October 20223 nights at Costa Point Chios. Room only basis139.50€
Friday 14 October 20225 nights at Porto Limnia, Limnia. Room only basis230€
Wednesday 19 October 20221 night Filoxenia, Chios town on a room only basis.35€
Thursday 20 October 2022Ferry from Chios to Lesvos.  Nissos Samos Departing 0500 – Arriving 080019€
4 nights at Hotel Lesvion with breakfast included226€
Monday 24 October 20227 nights at Eleni Studios, Molyvos on a room only basis178.50€
Monday 31 October 20223 nights at Havenly Loft, Mytiline147€
Thursday 3 November 2022Fly Lesvos to Athens with Aegean.
Departing 1425 – Arriving 1530. Comfort Flex ticket
3 nights at Lotus Inn, Athens with breakfast included281€
Sunday 6 November 2022Fly Athens to Manchester with Easyjet.
Departing 1245 – Arriving 1500
Includes 23k checked luggage and pre booked seat.
Ferry ticketsLess than 50€
Bus fares and taxi’sLess than 100€
Approximate Total Cost not including meals and additional purchasesJust over £2800

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  1. Thanks for sharing your itinerary, Stephanie! Your accommodation and destinations were awesome, what a wonderful place to visit, Greece is full of surprises, and it’s always fun to allow for some unexpected adventures, cheers! Pat

  2. Μπράβο σου, Στέφανη. You got it in under the wire ;). Looking forward to learning about your next amazing trip.

    I’m going to be in Chios for 2 weeks (or possibly a few days longer) in April. Thanks to your blog, I learned about Poundi and wrote to them, but they’re not yet sure whether they’re going to open that early. So — I’ve decided to go with no plans beyond the first two weeks and travel, Odysseus-like (and somewhat Stefanie-like) where the wind blows me.

    Would you be willing to share contact info for Diana’s Studios? I haven’t been able from here (California) to find out any info on lodging in Psara.

    Thanks and happy trails!

    1. Aww thank you so much Sheila. 2 weeks in Chios in April sounds amazing! I do hope that you get to stay at Poundi – it’s a truly special place with the most wonderful of hosts. Of course I can share Diana’s details with you. She runs Psara Travel so you will go to her office near the port for your ferry tickets.
      Diana Katakouzinou
      And here is her Facebook page:
      Do let me know how you get on! ❤

      1. Steph, I love your travels and am always along for the ride. Looking forward to this next trip and your adventures.

  3. Thanks a lot, Stephanie. I’ve got 2 weeks in Kampos, taking Greek classes. So I’m thinking while I’m there I’ll have plenty of time to get in touch with Diana as well as with the Poundi hosts again, and see who’s available to host me when classes are done. If that doesn’t work out, or even if it does, then after that I’m thinking on taking the ferry all the way to Kavala and doing a bit of exploring in Macedonia. It’s exciting to travel without detailed plans. Καλό ταξίδι!

    1. Wow Kampos – the village with the beautiful architecture and citrus orchards – how amazing! I only went through there on the bus but have saved this for my next visit! Please tell me all about it when you’re there. ❤ Now Kavala is an interesting town. It’s many years since I was there staying with a friend in a small village called Eleftheres. I’ve always fancied visiting Drama because – well it sounds so Dramatic! 😍 I’d love you to do a guest blog if you fancy it?

  4. I can’t wait till I’m in a position to spend 7 weeks in Greece – very envious, but it will happen one day !

Let me know what you think. ❤

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