Back to the Little Island of Telendos

The man in the rock was calling me so how could I resist?  I awake early and head over to the jetty where the water taxi’s depart for Telendos.  There was just me and another person waiting for the boat and in 10 minutes we were there.  My first impression upon arrival after so many years is that there has certainly been a bit of development here.  Several new taverna’s seem to have popped up and a couple of ’boutique’ type bars – all in the name of progress!

After disembarking from the boat I decide to take a methodical approach and sweep over to the left towards the church and then inwards over to Hoklakia Beach.  Between the taverna’s near the jetty is an entrance that takes  you behind the shops.  Bear left and follow the alleyway past the small church and through the avenue of Oleander and you will come to the cliff overlooking the beach.  I didn’t loiter – I turn and walk back to the front.

I have very fond memories of Telendos from two previous visits – one in 2001 and again in 2004.  During the first visit we’d had a really nice experience at one of the taverna’s on the front – unfortunately I can’t remember which one.  After walking along the front a couple of times I pin it down to two possibles – Barba Stathis or Rita.  I will route out my old photographs and diary from 2001 and write this up in a Blast From the Past post.

I take a slow meander towards the Porto Pothia Hotel.  I had the intention of popping in to say hello as one of the hotels that we do business with but I got slightly distracted whilst I ambled.  The small beach along the front is already busy which is expected for this time of year.  I attempt to walk further along to Paradise Beach (nudist) but the heat gets the better of me.

I beat a hasty retreat back to the jetty where I fall into conversation with a man called Ignatios – the only other person catching the boat back to Myrties.  He tells me that he had ‘escaped’ from his wife and children who were still asleep at the hotel.  We both agree that early morning is the best time to visit Telendos.  He tells me that he writes poetry and paints and gets his inspiration from his travels around the Greek islands.  He is from Athens where he has a number of tourist shops in and around Monastiraki – we joke that we had probably met before!

Back on dry land we bid our farewells. I decide to take a slow walk along the main road to Masouri – the next village along the coast.  Masouri is more touristy than Myrties.  Although rock climbing was in it’s infancy 18 years ago, it now seems to be big business on Kalymnos nowadays with many shops selling equipment and climbing experiences.

I see a familiar looking boat sailing across the bay and realise that it is the Leros Express.  I still hadn’t forgiven her for letting me down on Arki! 🙂

As I walk back along the main road to Myrties, I notice an Italian restaurant called La Kambusa and this is where I decide to eat that evening – not that I ever get sick of Greek food but it is nice to have a change now and again.

After a gin and tonic at Faros Snack Bar I walk to La Kambusa where I opt for the Caprese Salad followed by Gnocchi – very enjoyable.  The restaurant does offer sunset view but you must get there early to get a good table.

What better way to end the evening than to sit and watch the sunset over Telendos.  This can certainly give Santorini sunsets a run for it’s money!







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