Exploring Agia Marina

It is difficult to fit everything in – even in 8 days on a small island, but Kasos has so much to offer – more than I imagined.

Today the plan was to catch the free bus to Agia Marina and then on to Ammoua beach which I have yet to visit. I got so wrapped up wandering around Agia Marina that I spent several hours there. One minute you can be exploring narrow alleyways, the next you can find yourself on the edge of the village by a smallholding with breath-taking views over the bay.

I had hoped to visit the Ellinokamara cave – a place once used for ritual sacrifice during Minoan times (so I have read). I reached the beginning of the path at the edge of the village but it was already in full midday heat. In addition to that, my sandals were not the wisest of footwear choices especially as I’d already encountered a couple of snakes along my walks. Maybe I need to leave the visit to the cave for the next time – and there definitely will be a next time.

Agia Marina is the largest of the villages on Kasos and in my opinion, the prettiest. Abandoned windmills litter the landscape along with little churches at every turn. I returned to the bus stop which lacked shade but the lady from the taverna To Steki brought me a chair and gave me bottle of water until the bus arrived – I have encountered so much kindness and hospitality that it is going to be a wrench to leave. Anyway – that bridge I will cross on Wednesday!

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