Exploring Kardamyli Old Town

From the main street opposite the two supermarkets in Kardamyli, you will see a road sign for Kardamyli Old Town and today this is where we are going to explore.

Ano Kardamyli or Upper Kardamyli is reached by a gradually inclining road that takes you through the rural countryside and the odd traditional house.  It is only a ten-minute walk or so.

You enter the old town through a large archway that forms part of the defensive wall to the Mourtzinos Castle complex.  On the right as you enter is the impressive 18th century church of Agios Spiridon – a structure that displayed the economic wealth of the family.

During the 19th Century Kardamyli was the stronghold of the Troupakides-Mourtzinos clan who asserted their sovereignty over neighbouring areas of the Mani.  Kardamyli and the Troupakides-Mourtzinos family played an instrumental role in the Greek War of Independence against the Turks.

For the rest of the afternoon we take a slow meander around Kardamyli.

Back at Katerina’s Studios Sotiris is still on the case regarding our bus trip over to Tyros but he has found a contact for us for Patrick Leigh Fermors House.  He has spoken to the lady that co-ordinates the visits and we are able to visit tomorrow!  All we need to do is send an email to the PLF project and Elpida will contact us to arrange a time.

Patrick Leigh Fermor’s House is pending renovation before opening officially to the public, it is however, open for small guided tours upon arrangement with the contact at the Benaki Museum.

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