Leaving Schinoussa and on to Koufonissi

Three nights on Schinoussa is definitely not long enough for me.  I think I could definitely have stayed here longer as it really is the perfect place to relax.

Grispos Villa’s has been fantastic and is highly recommended.

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We have booked tickets for the The little Skopelitis this afternoon.  Giorgios will take us at 3.30.  

We have a breakfast of bread and jam and tea and spend the morning reading and sitting in the hotel garden until it’s time to go.  

Right on queue Giorgios is ready waiting for us and takes us up over the hill to the port. We say our goodbyes and wait for the ferry.

The Skopelitis Express is a little late but that could be due to the wind that has begun to pick up.

Farewell Schinoussa – I’ve loved your beautiful rural landscapes and secret beaches!

It’s a bit of a bumpy ride but I feel safe on this little war horse. The Skopelitis takes us past Keros, an uninhabited island next to Koufonissi which is also home to an archaeological site of note. It was only discovered in the 1960’s that Keros was home to the world’s earliest maritime sanctuary, and a thriving centre for metal production, with monumental architecture.

When we arrive on Koufonissi, Sophia is there to meet us and walks us to to Hippocampus which is a five minute walk away. We had booked it at the last minute and are not disappointed.

We have a nice bright room overlooking the sea which I am thrilled about!

Clothes are thrown into a wardrobe and after a quick shower and change we head off to explore.

In front of Hippocampus there is a small jetty and to the right the main port beach. Just beyond that is a small square where a road leads into Chora.


We can sense an atmosphere of excitement in the street and as we turn a corner we can see that a wedding is taking place at St George’s Church. Hanging from a tree are white ribbons which gently ripple with the breeze


We had noticed some posters advertising live Rebetiko music and we navigate out way to a taverna located over a steep hill overlooking a small fishing harbour called Parianos Bay.  

Aneplora was worth the walk! A lively taverna with a boat in the middle, housing the two Rebetiko musicians who were in full flow.

Between Peter and I have we have a feast of tomato rissoles, garlic paste, octopus, Dakos and meatballs.




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