Molyvos – Kastro, Village and Beach

I am woken this morning with the sun streaming in through the lightweight curtains. The temperature had definitely dropped last night and I had to bring out the extra blanket. Last night wasn’t the best nights sleep due to the sprung mattress. Honestly once you’ve ‘gone memory foam’ nothing else will ever compare! A comfortable mattress is up their with my need for food and water. At 64 this is my life now!

Today I’m going to walk up to the Kastro through the village. You can access the village via several roads but I take the path to the left of the school and then left at the church of Agios Theoktisti. I don’t follow any particular path but kind of just make it up as I go along. There is a point when I do get confused over which path to take but thankfully there was a helpful local on hand to point me in the right direction.

A little further along I hear a cat making a distress call. I can see that the cat is seemingly stuck on the top of an open window. The window is tall and it seems recuctant to make the leap down. I try to encourage it down and eventually it does jump onto the windowsill before disappearing in through the open window. Methinks it was just attention seeking! There are cats aplenty at every turn.

I’m not going to lie – this is a steep climb, but I’m put to shame by a man carrying sacks of rubble up to a collection point. He makes the trip several times in the time that take to climb the last level to the Kastro entrance.

As reach the kastro entrance it dawns on me that today is Tuesday – the day that most museums including this one is closed! Aaargh! Not to worry – I am at least able to enter the main gate and walk the perimiter of the kastro to take in the views.

I attempt another Facebook live video – again in the wrong orientation for the website. Vertigo prevents me from walking to the edge of the viewing platform but even then my legs are a bit shaky (as is the video). From here you can see the density of the olive groves on the surrounding landscape.

Although I’m disappointed not to be able to see inside the kastro I have a vague notion that if I have the energy I may attempt it again another day. However, I won’t beat myself up if I don’t. It’s a nice walk down – less strenuous that’s for sure.

I bear top the right trying to take in more of the village rather than to head directly down to the main road. This was the right decision because it brings me out onto a beautiful street covered in wisteria vines. I have seen photographs of the vines when they are in full bloom and what a spectacular sight they are. They are pretty impressive even when not in flower and certainly adds to the atmosphere. I pass a sign for some accommodation called the School Mistress with the Golden Eyes. This was one of the places that I’d looked at to stay. Although it looks lovely, it would have required quite a hike up to the room. Heaving my suitcase over these cobbles would have been a challenge. I’ve definitely chosen the right place to stay.

Before I head back down, I spot a bakery where I call in for some – yes you’ve guessed it – bougatsa. I will take this to the beach for breakfast. Speaking about the beach, I’d been able to see how stony the shoreline is. I hadn’t brought any swim shoes with me so thought that whilst I’m up in the village I will try and find somewhere to buy some. The lady in the bakery tells me that further down the street I will find a lady that sells shoes. I find the shoe shop which is one of those really old fashioned and charming shops. Everything on offer is a mishmash of styles and designs and mainly displayed on makeshift shelves or in boxes. Thankfully the lady has a box of swim shoes leftover from the summer season. There aren’t any in my size but she tells me to take off my shoes and try them on. I find that a size slightly too small for me is better than a pair that is 4 sizes too big! They will do.

Once back on the main road I follow it round to the Delfinia Hotel. I could have taken a shorter route close to the village but I really loved walking through the pistachio orchard.

On the beach I spread out my towel and this is where I stay for the rest of the day. Who needs cake by the ocean when you can have ‘Bougatsa on the Beach!’

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  1. Thank you for this. Your blogs have inspired me to try and get to Chios and Lesvos this year. Totally agree about the beds – memory foam all the way for me too!

    1. I’m desperate to get back to Chios and Lesvos though it may not be this year. Not many islands have that effect on me. I hope you get there and have an amazing time Christine!

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