Northern Aegean Trip Ahead – But With A Little Scheduled Detour!

Well of course when beloved author and friend Peter Barber and the beautiful Alex put out an invitation to their book launch in Pefki – I was definitely going to go. I would fit it into my itinerary by hook or by crook!

Yesterday I caught the bus from Liosion Bus Station just outside central Athens. The bus would take me to Istiaia just a short distance from Pefki – by far the simplest way. I followed the route on Google maps and was surprised when the bus didn’t take the turn towards Chalkida. It continued north towards Volos. Oh well, just go with the flow!

The landscape alternated between pine-clad hills and flat agricultural plains – beautiful and quite hypnotizing. After two hours, we dropped back towards the coast and the Northern Evian Gulf. We arrive at the small port of Arkitsa. Now it all becomes clear. Everyone disembarked from the bus and walked to the small office to purchase a ticket for the ferry. The boat was already heading in our direction. After fifteen minutes or so, the small ferry Alkion is here. We board the boat and the bus follows soon after. What a well-oiled machine this service is!

The short crossing took about 40 minutes and we arrived at the small port of Edipsos. There isn’t any time to look around. I had wanted to explore Edipsos and its thermal waters but maybe another day. The bus disembarked from the boat and we boarded the bus to continue our journey to Istiaia. This long-distance bus also serves the locals in Northern Evia and makes several stops along the way. I suspect that this is the only bus service serving this part of the island.

Peter and Alex had very kindly arranged to meet me from the bus and drive me to Pefki. We kept in touch via text message along the way and as the bus pulled into Istiaia, there they both are – like long-lost friends even though this was the first time that we had met in person!

So here I am in Pefki and really looking forward to being part of the celebration of the launch of Peter’s next book A Parthenon in Pefki. I am so happy to be here and to be a part of it!

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