Last Day in Gythio

As I fling open the shutters to our balcony this morning I am stunned to see a cruise liner docked into port.  It must have silently crept in during the night or early this morning.  I don’t know why I am so surprised – the quayside is large enough for vessels of this size and I assume that coaches will whisk them away to the Dyros caves.

It’s still early though and not too many people about so we head up along the front to the square and then back in the other direction towards the port  – past the Rozakis Shipping Agency with the naked yet armless statue on its roof.  Then up to the old town again.  There are so many different sets of stairs to take – this time we head for the church of Agios Dimitrios who’s tall bell tower can be seen from down below.

On the floor are blown cartridges that make the loud explosion during the Easter festival.  I can imagine how those loud ‘booms’ echoed around the bay.

The cruise ship Le Lyrial looks resplendent from here.  Honestly I could wander these streets all day.  However, breakfast is calling!


We find a lovely little bakery called Artopoieio Ta Artoglukismata that also have a good selection of local produce for sale.

Just a few doors down from the Gythio Traditional Hotel is a restaurant bar called O Live!  It had been recommended to me by a friend who told me that it had an excellent range of craft beers so this is where we decide to eat tonight.  This is a really lovely little place with a great menu – we choose an orange salad and a selection of dishes to share.  The Portobello mushrooms were superb!  We asked the chef how they were made but she wasn’t going to give her secret away.  There was a very distinctive taste to them and we think it was masticha but I don’t think we’ll ever really know.

After another stroll along the harbour we finish the evening with ice cream and tea at Vitorino Gelato right below our hotel.  This is a nice way to end our stay in Gythio.  Tomorrow we are off to Areopolis!


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