A Flying Visit to Patmos – Door Knocker Paradise

It was late evening by the time I arrived at the Port of Patmos.  Unbeknown to me the hotel that I’m staying at has a transfer service.  I guess I’m not used to this kind of luxury and hoik my luggage to the hotel regardless. Elen greets a bedraggled and exhausted me at reception and … Continue reading A Flying Visit to Patmos – Door Knocker Paradise

Fourni – Final Reflections and Practicalities

Fourni wasn’t what I expected.  I imagined it to be much more low key – maybe not as quiet as Agathonisi but from the moment I arrived on the chaotic ferry journey on the Nissos Chios it was clear that this is a lively island. Saying that, we’re not talking Santorini here –nor anything like … Continue reading Fourni – Final Reflections and Practicalities

Thymena (Thymaina) Island

Across the straights from Fourni you will be able to see the small settlement on Thymena so close you feel like you can almost touch it.  You will see a cluster of whitewashed houses set ampitheatrically (becoming an overused word!) on the hillside with a small mountain looming above.  Thymena so called because of the … Continue reading Thymena (Thymaina) Island

Kampi Beach and a Trip to Chrysomilia

Although Kampos is the centre of everything on Fourni, I'm keen to get out and explore.  However, I'm still a bit chicken when it comes to driving in Greece plus I'm not sure that the cost of hiring a car and the stress on my nerves is worth it! 🙂 I know that if I … Continue reading Kampi Beach and a Trip to Chrysomilia

Initial Amble Around Fourni Korseon

It’s funny how circumstances can affect your frame of mind.  My arrival on Fourni didn’t start the best way after a chaotic journey from Agios Kyrikos on the Nissos Chios amidst a dust storm at the port.  I must admit I was shocked at the amount of cars and people that disembarked at Fourni that … Continue reading Initial Amble Around Fourni Korseon

Farewell Ikaria and on to Fourni

It is with great sadness that I leave Ikaria today after 6 wonderful days.  I can’t understate the part that the Oinoi Hotel, in Therma has played in making my stay here so special.  When you stay at this hotel you become part of a family – the guests will chat to each other at … Continue reading Farewell Ikaria and on to Fourni

Island Tour – is Ikaria Utopia?

I set off for the curvaceous lady statue by the beach with large wodges of freshly baked apple caked in hand from Filipos and Mariana.  There are several of us from the Oinoi hotel going  on the island excursion.  Dolihi Tours alternate their tours for those staying in the Agios Kyrikos/Therma locations OR those staying … Continue reading Island Tour – is Ikaria Utopia?

Finding My Feet in Therma

I must say that the breakfast here at the Oinoi Hotel is absolutely superb!  My lovely host Filipos and his wife Mariana make almost everything themselves.  The bread – white and brown are freshly baked from the oven and come with a wide selection of homemade preserves such as lemon, orange, fig, apricot (described to … Continue reading Finding My Feet in Therma

Leaving Agathonisi and on to Ikaria

Agathonisi has been the perfect start to my holiday proper (overnighters on Samos don’t count!).  This beautiful little low key island has been the perfect place to unwind and it has enabled my mind and my body to fall into rhythm with the slower pace of Greece. What have I loved about this place?  The … Continue reading Leaving Agathonisi and on to Ikaria

Exploring Agathonisi

After a hectic few days transiting from the UK via Dusseldorf to Samos - now on Agathonisi it is nice to awake at my own pace with no 'must does' playing on my mind. The port village of St George is small.  Talking to a fellow guest at Mary's Rooms this morning she told me … Continue reading Exploring Agathonisi

Arrival on Samos and on to Agathonisi

I’ve just embarked upon this year’s solo Greek Island Hopping trip - or as my family are calling it Grandma Stephanie’s midlife crisis holiday.  It’s true – I will be 60 this year and my plan was to travel in September with my family and make a big family holiday of it.  Organising my family … Continue reading Arrival on Samos and on to Agathonisi

Kastellorizo Gallery July 2016

In 2016 we had a wonderful holiday in Dalyan, Turkey.  Part of the trip included a 4 day stay in little Kastellorizo that is so out of the way, I had never managed to make it before.  We caught a taxi from Dalyan to Kas, where we went to the little tourist office near the … Continue reading Kastellorizo Gallery July 2016