The First Cemetery of Athens

Considering that I’ve been hit with the full force of a virus, I’m certainly packing it in today. After the walking tour – Athens City of Rebellion I wanted to see once last thing before I return home tomorrow. The First Cemetery of Athens. Maelle had suggested that I catch public transport as it is a little out of the way. I wanted to keep my germs to myself so thought it best to walk.

It was a little bit tricksy. Google Maps wasn’t being very helpful but eventually, I made it through the busy traffic and arrived at the cemetery on the outskirts of Central Athens.

This is just one of several cemeteries in Athens but the oldest. It was established in 1837 which coincided with the founding of the modern Greek state. It is a truly beautiful place surrounded by tall Cyprus and pine trees. It feels more like a well-tended park than a necropolis. It is the burial place for some notable Greeks such as philologist and key player in the Greek War of Independence Adamantios Korais, Architect Ernst Ziller, and German businessman Heinrich Schliemann whom I briefly mentioned in my previous post.

Some renowned monuments include the Sleeping Maiden and the Mother of the Occupation. Many are works of art in their own right. I didn’t stay for very long because mosquitoes are eating me alive. I hadn’t come prepared with repellent. I will come back another time to explore in more detail.

The First Cemetery of Athens is located Logginou 3, Athina 116 36 and the opening times are 0800 – 2000 daily.

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