Farewell Heraklion

I must admit I have been more than a little blasé with regard to planning this trip – no real attention to detail with the timing of the ferries etc. Anyway, I realised that I would have to leave Heraklion a day earlier than envisaged to catch the ferry to Kasos which really is a good thing!  I’ve enjoyed my time in Heraklion and surrounding areas though it has been quite frenetic.  I’d thanked my host Eleftheria and told her that I would be leaving a day early. I also contacted my host on Kasos to see if the room was available for the extra day.  He had confirmed that his second house was free and I could stay there for the extra night.

The port is very close to where I was staying so it didn’t take long for me to hoik my luggage down.  The Prevelis was already in port and I didn’t have to wait to embark.

Heraklion City is a great location to base yourself in if you plan to travel across Crete – either by car or by bus.  The bus network is excellent and the airport is just 20 minutes from the centre.  I like the fact that staying in a city, you have access to a wide range of cultural activities but it is easy to forget sometimes that you are on an island.  At times Heraklion felt too busy – especially when one of the cruise liners were in.  I did however, achieve my mission of visiting Knossos and it was good to explore Rethymnon.  Would I stay here again?  Probably, but only as a means to visiting somewhere else.  Heraklion on it’s own doesn’t have the full package to draw me back.  However, I have enjoyed my time here.

Farewell Heraklion!

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