Farewell Karpathos – Now to Rhodes!

I think that it is fair to say that after my 8 nights on Kasos, arriving in Pigadia was a shock to the system.  It did take time to acclimatise but it wasn’t too long before I could appreciate the delights that Karpathos had to offer.  In hindsight I would like to have spent half of the week in Pigadia and the other half in the North of the island but because of the excellent bus service from Pigadia, I was able to get good coverage of the island and a flavour of its many beaches and villages.

I found the accommodation on Karpathos a little more expensive than Crete and Kasos but was able to find reasonably priced accommodation at the Amarylis Hotel.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the Amarylis Hotel is up a steep hill but it certainly isn’t the worst slope that I’ve encountered on my travels.  It is a good budget hotel with large apartments that is very close to both the taxi station, the bus station and the port – going down hill to the port is so much easier than the other direction!

Margarita was always in reception waiting to greet you and to answer any questions you may have (within limited language restraints on both parts!).

The apartment was large and bright with two sets of patio doors onto the balcony.  It also had a newly fitted kitchen.  The balcony overlooked a quiet courtyard which was a nice place to sit and eat breakfast each morning – and if you stood on tiptoes you could see the sea!  The bathroom and living space was a little dated but clean.  Not bad for 36.50 euros per night – in Karpathos terms that is.

That is the end of part one of my solo trip.  As I enter into my fourth week I prepare to travel to Rhodes where I will meet up with my husband, sister and her partner.  The Blue Star Patmos will be doing the honours.  Once boarded I watch the fascinating hullaballoo below from the deck and also take in the last views of Pigadia.

For now – farewell Karpathos!

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