The Star of the Show – Simos Beach!

Anyone who knows anything about Elafonissos knows that it is famous for its spectacular Simos Beach.  As a small island there isn’t any public transport but we are determined to walk the 6 kilometres to see it.  The signpost at the port will tell you that it is 4 kilometres – but it definitely isn’t!  We had told Kalomoira the previous evening that we were going to walk and she seemed horrified.  She told us that it would be no problem for her to drive us.  We keep the offer on the back burner but decide the following morning to walk.  Kalomoira was busy and we didn’t want to disturb her.

We set off firstly towards the port, passing the little beach close to our apartment and those hypnotic views of the snow capped Teygetus mountains in the distance.  Local’s are going about their daily business.  Fishermen are offloading fish onto the harbour and taverna owners wander over to look (and purchase) the freshly caught treasures.

From the port, we follow those ever so inaccurate signs towards Simos Beach.  The roads are virtually empty and takes us along a coastal path around the east of the island.  We pass a tiny little roadside chapel and a boat repair yard or dry dock.  Wild flowers such as poppies, low growing broom and daisies are in full bloom and through the silence we can hear the low hum of bees at work.  The ever increasing warmth from the sun, activates the smell of thyme and sage.  This is all a good distraction as the road begins to get steeper and a bit more challenging – but nothing that we can’t handle!

As we reach the brow of the hill, the view of Lefki (or Leyki) beach and in the distance Simos beach, reveal themselves to us in all their glory!  The water is so turquoise!

The road takes us past a small resort and a camping site on the right and once past Lefki (Leyki) beach we arrive at the trendy cafe bar called Cervi.  This brings us to Simos beach itself which thankfully is practically deserted.  The walk has taken us about one and a half hours at a slow to medium amble.

The beaches are magnificent and I can see why they are often described as some of Greece’s best beaches.  There are two bays that are divided by a small strip of land that leads up to Cape Elena – Fragos Bay and Sarakiniko Bay.  The beaches also known as Megalo Simos and Micro Simos are backed by sand dunes which can be climbed for a view over the beaches.

There are some sunbed’s and kabana’s on offer.  We asked the price for a sunbed and are told 20€ – probably the most expensive sunbeds I have ever come across – and it’s out of season!

We decide instead of taking a sun lounger to walk along the strip of sand that divides the two beaches up the hill of the little islet where we are rewarded with the famous view across Simos.

The water is warm enough to paddle but we are not brave enough to swim – though there are a few others that are more hardy than us.  Before we head back to the port, we call in at Cervi for a drink.  It’s very quiet here at the moment but I image that it is a completely different animal in high season and in the evening.  It also looks as though a large extension to the cafe bar is in progress so business here is clearly good.

This was our short but sweet trip to Simos Beach.  Definitely worth the walk and a very good time of year to visit (apart from the cold water).  I can imagine how this place becomes deluged with tourists in high season so I’m glad we are here, now.

We begin the 1.5 hour walk back.  Is this sign advertising a mode of transport we can utilise?


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