Ftenagia Beach and a Sunset Trip to the Castle and Monastery

I was so taken by the magnificent sunrise when I first arrived on Chalki that I set my alarm at 5.00am to make sure I catch it again today.  There isn’t as much definition in the sky as the storms over Rhodes have moved on. Nonetheless – it is still stunningly beautiful.

I set up my phone on a bench close to the waters edge to make a time-lapse of the sunrise.  It looks like Katerina’s father is taking the little yellow boat over to Alimnia island.

Whilst I’m there I notice a poster advertising sunset trips with the “taxi bush”  up to the castle and monastery this evening.  I make a note of the phone number so send a text message later.

I walk from the port back up past the clock tower and the town hall.  From there I take the path to Ftenagia Beach where the water is crystal clear and turquoise where there are sand patches.

I then follow the road back around to Pondamos beach where I spend the rest of the afternoon.  I’ve sent a text to the taxi driver who responds quickly and confirms that I have a place for the trip to the monastery this evening.

I make sure I’m at the port before 7pm.  Just a handful of us are taking this trip up to the monastery.  As we ascend the mountain we make our first stop at the 15th century castle of the Knights of St John.  In the surrounding area you can see what remains of the old Chora, a haven from marauding pirates and where people lived until the middle of the 19th century.  All that is left is crumbling stone walls.

Our next stop is the monastery from where we take in the wonderful sunset.

Tomorrow evening I leave for Rhodes.  This island has completely enchanted me.

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