Pedi Bay and a Coastal Walk

We slept wonderfully in our little windmill.  The bedroom on the mezzanine invites a perfect breeze through the small windows keeping it nice and cool.  We decide to eat breakfast in the Chora and find a little place called the Olive Tree Cafe.  It is run by two British ladies who take pride in using local produce and providing a really friendly service.  They certainly seem to know each passer by by name!  It becomes clear quite soon that there are a lot of Brits in Symi either regular visitors or ex pats.  And from what I’ve seen of the island so far I can understand why.

The rest of my family join us up in the Chora so they can also take in the Kastro.  We then decide to take the road down to Pedi Bay.  The road is steep in parts but absolutely doable on foot from the Chora.  We know that there is a good bus service that will bring us back up.

Once we arrive at Pedi Bay, after stopping at one of the cafe’s for an ice cream we proceed to take a narrow coastal path, along the cliff side until we are overlooking Agios Nikolaos Bay.  We decide against making the decent down the stepped path but instead watch the water taxi’s drop off and pick up small groups of people – that’s another way to do it!


We walk back along the same coastal path to the horse shoe shaped bay.  Pedi Bay has a lovely charm – fisherman’s houses sit close to the shore with fishing nets bundled neatly into piles.  We pass a cat sprawled on the front of a fishing boat where it basks in the sun – giving us a disgruntled look as we wake it from its slumber.  I notice architectural features that pay reference to the villages’ fishing heritage and also the shell of a bomb with a hand painted swastika as a reminder of what took place during the second world war.

The bus stop is located right on the pier where the water taxi drops passengers off.  We don’t have to wait long before the bus arrives to take us back up to the Chora.  That evening we find a fabulous taverna up in the Chora for our evening meal.  The place is packed as there is live bouzouki music tonight – very atmospheric!

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